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Sierra Steak
Sierra Cut RAW
  • IMPS/NAMP - 116F
Cut Description
  • Cut from the Chuck Underblade. The Sierra Steak muscle lays in the natural seam between the Chuck Eye Roll and the Chuck Underblade
  • Great beef flavor
  • Juicy and versatile
  • Suitable for multiple dayparts
  • View cutting instructions here
    • Aliases
      • Sierra Cut
      Preparation Information
    • Perfect for braising
    • Prepare with tenderizing marinate before grilling or broiling
    • Most tender at medium rare doneness
    • Always slice across the grain
    • Recommended Menu Applications
      • Menu similar to the Flank Steak
      • Center of the plate steak entrée
      • Slice thinly and fan on plate or serve in sandwiches, salads, wraps, fajitas and tacos
      Ordering Tips
    • Prepared from item #116E
    • Specific muscle name: Splenius
    • External fat and connective tissue should be removed
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