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Beef for Kabobs
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Cut Description
  • Flavorful cut that offers convenience at an attractive price point
  • Kabobs are extremely versatile and the basis for a multitude of homestyle entrees such as stews, chilies and pasta toppings
  • Great for high-volume cooking
  • Can be prepared from any portion of the carcass, except shank and heel meat
Preparation Information
Best prepared using dry heat such as grilling. Marinating is highly recommended. Can be used in a variety of ethnic dishes.
Ordering Tips
  • No individual surface shall be more than 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) in length
  • Cubes are free of bones, cartilage, heavy connective tissue and lymph glands
  • Cube size should be no less than 1-inch cube or not more than a 1-1/2-inch cube
  • Surface and/or seam fat shouldn't exceed 1/4-inch thickness at any point
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