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Tenderloin Steak, Side Muscle Off, Skinned
  • IMPS/NAMP - 1190A
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Cut Description
Ordering Tips
  • Subprimal Purchasing Tip: When purchasing the tenderloin, remember to consider final yield instead of price-per-pound. Cuts costing more per pound may actually be better buys once you account for labor and lost fat-weight. Why pay the same price for fat as for lean.
  • Tenderloin Lexicon: The following definitions will help you "speak beef," especially when ordering tenderloin:
    PSMO: Another name for the full tenderloin with the side muscle on and all outside fat removed. IMPS/NAMP 189
    Silver Skin: Connective tissue that surrounds the major tenderloin muscle.
    Peeled: All outside fat and connective tissue removed.
    Middle Meats: rib and loin cuts
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