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Shoulder Clod, Arm Roast
Shoulder Clod, Arm Roast
  • IMPS/NAMP - 114E
Cut Description
  • Cut from the Shoulder Clod
  • Can be menued as pot roast or a mock brisket
  • One of the more economical cuts, the Shoulder Clod is an outstanding value for operators
  • Versatile cut with delicious flavor and menuing opportunities that take advantage of the trend toward homestyle foods
  • Price-value relationships for chuck are best during summer months, when wholesale chuck prices are at their lowest and retail prices remain relatively stable. Typically, demand for chuck cuts rises in the fall and winter months
  • View cutting instructions here
  • Arm Roast
  • Chuck, Shoulder (Clod), Arm Roast
  • Clod Heart
  • Short Clod
  • Shoulder Center
Preparation Information
Can be prepared using both dry and moist cooking methods For dry heat, rub with seasoning then dry roast, grill, saute or broil. When serving, slice horizontally through the middle to remove the connective tissue that runs through the center of the roast.
Recommended Menu Applications
  • Lunch steak
  • Kabobs
  • Stir-fry
Ordering Tips
  • Derived from IMPS Item #114 and consists of large muscle sustem at the thick end of the shoulder clod
  • PSO: 1 – Purchaser may request that only the triceps brachii long head and a small portion of the triceps brachii lateral head muscles at the thick end of the Clod shall remain after being separated from the other muscles identified in IMPS Item #114E. The heavy part of the elbow tendon should be removed. The muscle is to be completely trimmed of all fat and connective tissue.
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