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Beef Rib, Ribeye Roll
Ribeye Roll
  • IMPS/NAMP - 112
Cut Description
  • Boneless Ribeye with the lip removed. The "lip" refers to the tail of the cut, which measures two inches in length from the end of the ribeye muscle.
  • One of the most tender cuts of beef
  • Flavorful, superb taste
  • Command higher menu prices
  • Satisfy patrons with a quality eating experience.
  • Priced lowest in January and February, meaning these months offer excellent opportunities for operators to profitably feature beef rib specials, such as "Prime Rib" and rib steaks.
  • Beef Rib follows a seasonal curve of supply and demand. Summer months, November and December are months of peak demand and, as a result, the highest rib prices.
  • Ribeye, Lip-Off
Preparation Information
Dry heat is recommended such as roasting or grilling. Excess external and seam fat should be removed.
Recommended Menu Applications
  • Grill or roast as steak or whole roast.
  • Roll and stuff with spinach, mushroom and cheese and slice into pinwheels
Ordering Tips
  • Quality grade
  • Fat cover. Shall be practically free of surface fat and intercustal meat. All other muscles, bones, cartilages, backstrap, and the exterior fat cover shall be excluded.
  • Length of tail (lip) Lip length shall be prepared with a staight cut that is ventral to, but not more than 2.0 inces (5.0cm) from, the longissimus dorsi.
  • Weight range
  • Tied or netted
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