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Back Ribs
Back Ribs
  • IMPS/NAMP - 124
Cut Description
  • Full-flavored rib ideal for signature rubs and sauces and adaptable to various ethnic flavor profiles
  • Consists of 7 ribs from the rib section, including the meat between the rib bones.
  • Unless otherwise specified, Back Ribs are 6 to 8 inches wide at any point, measured across the sawed ends of the rib bones.
  • Can also be cut in half to make 3-4 inch rib bones for additional menuing possibilities. Less expensive cuts that offer good profit opportunities
  • Beef Rib Back Ribs
  • Beef Riblets
  • Beef ribs
  • Dinosaur Ribs
  • Finger Ribs
  • Rib Bones
Preparation Information
Best prepared using moist or dry heat. Braising results in tender, juicy ribs that can be sauced and finished on the grill. More tender Back Ribs can also be grilled and glazed for charbroiled flavor. Split back ribs in half for finger friendly appetizer rib bites.
Recommended Menu Applications
  • Rotisserie/spit-roasted beef
  • Smoked
Ordering Tips
  • Chine bone and thoracic vertabrae removed
  • Whole or half
  • Portioned by number of rib bones
  • If rib fingers (124A), purchaser may specify that costal cartilage be removed
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