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Building Value with Braising

In this digital e-flip brochure, we've shared slow-cooking tips and ideas to drive profits using braised beef. Learn how braising cuts like Boneless Country-Style Ribs can bring serious crave appeal to any menu.
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Steak: New Menu Frontiers

A great American tradition looks ahead. A compendium of beef information for restaurants, hotels, and others in the business of menuing and serving steak. Colorful and compelling, it contains recipes featured in the 2010 BEEFlexible ad series, as well as dozens more menu inspirations, tips on how to profit from steak sales, wine pairing, beef nutrition, and more.
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New Menu Destinations

Today's menus are tapping into the allure of destinations, the appeal of origins, the romance of the land.  Going global?  Tap into the power and passion of the #1-selling protein in foodservice.  It's the great American taste of satisfaction.  As bold as the land.  As big as the sky.  Beef.  The new landscape of flavor. Browse the brochure here.
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Small Plates

How do you give today’s ultra-hot, globally inspired small plates instant “wow factor”?  That’s easy.  Add the crave-appeal and satisfaction of beef.  You’ll add major profit potential, too.  View the brochure.
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Sell The Sizzle

The state-of-the-plate recipes and ideas in this book show you how easy it is to put the "crave power" of beef to work in today's hottest cuisines and serving styles.  These are simple concepts with complex flavors and big-time appeal.  They work because beef doesn't need all kinds of trick and gimmicks.  It holds its own and goes with everything.  And its bold, beloved personality works like a Midas touch on your menu.  So get ready to sell the sizzle--and the steak.  View the brochure.
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The Modern Menu

Menus are changing.  They're offering more variety, more flavors and more excitement than ever.  How can you keep pace?  It's simple.  Start with a foundation you know you can rely on.  That's today's beef.  A constant source of satifaction in a changing world.  The mainstay of the modern menu.  Browse the brochure.

50 Menu Inspirations

Tastes change.  Trends come and go.  But through it all beef remains an enduring favorite and a menu anchor you can count on.  It's a nutritional powerhouse, it's infinitely adaptable, and year after year, it's what your customers crave.  And for you, that means endless ways to add "wow" to your menu.  Here are 50 ways to get you started.

Flavorful Rubs and Marinades for Beef

Take a look at what's on your menu. Chances are there's a steak or two. And maybe you're doing prime rib. Those sure-fire, traditional patron favorites. But what can you do to get a little more out of these menu mainstays and make them even more special? Rubs and marinades can be your answer. They can turn one steak into all kinds of signature presentations. Presentations that build menu variety and command higher prices. They're also inexpensive, quick to prepare, and easy to store. View the brochure here.

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