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Menu Concepts

Foodservice Menu Concepts

The Chuck Tail Flap, Hanger Steak and Sirloin Bavette are just some of the cuts trending in foodservice today. To help you understand how these cuts could fit on the menu, we created these concepts which span different menu categories, segments, meal occasions and price points.

If you're interested in full recipes for these concepts, contact us here.

Chuck Tail Flap

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Braised Beef Fazzoletti
Braise tender chunks of Beef Chuck Tail Flap slowly with vegetables, pancetta and aromatic vegetables; reduce braising liquid and toss with beef and fresh fazzoletti pasta; garnish with lemon zest and herbs.

Braised Beef Minestrone
Serve a knife-and-fork soup with chunks of slow-cooked Beef Chuck Tail Flap in a hearty Northern-Italian tomato vegetable broth with green beans, cannellini, carrots and tubetti pasta; garnish with basil pesto and rustic house-made crackers.
Steak and Cheese Smashed Potatoes
Top pan-crisped smashed potatoes with slices of succulent grilled Beef Chuck Tail Flap, crumbled blue cheese and caramelized onions; garnish with grilled spring onions.

Hanger Steak

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Pambazo Steak Sandwich
Grill guajillo–marinated Beef Hanger Steak, slice and layer on a Mexican torta bun with poblano-sunflower seed pesto, garlic-roasted tomatoes, crumbled Cotija cheese and cilantro.
Southwest Steak Paillard
Pound a Beef Hanger Steak to flatten, season with Southwest spice rub, grill and served with a fresh celery, radish and tomato chopped salad.
Gochujang Steak Udon
Marinate strips of Hanger Steak with spicy Korean Gochujang chile paste, ginger and garlic; wok-fry with finely chopped kimchee and crispy snap peas and serve over udon noodles.

Sirloin Bavette

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Seoul Steak & Eggs
Marinate Beef Sirloin Bavette in a sweet-spicy Korean Ssamjang marinade and serve over a pan-crisped sticky-rice cake with sautéed Chinese broccoli, edamame, kimchee and shiitake mushrooms; garnish with a soft-cooked duck egg.


Mezze Steak Skewers and Hummus
Marinate slices of Beef Sirloin Bavette with oregano and garlic, skewer, grill, and served with a salad of cucumber ribbons with feta; warm hummus garnished with pine nuts and brown butter; romesco sauce; za’atar– toasted pita points and olives.

Sopes de Carne Asada
Top warm handmade corn-masa sopes with ribbons of grilled guajillo–marinated Beef Sirloin Bavette, fresh greens, cilantro, pickled red onions, and crumbled Cotija cheese.
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