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Emerging Chuck Cuts

How to make the Chuck work more for your menu

To navigate today’s protein marketplace, operators need variety and versatility. The more you know about beef’s emerging cut options and where they come from, the better prepared you’ll be to select the right cuts for the right dishes on your menu. You might be asking - where exactly did these new cuts for modern menus come from?

Through research. With operators in mind, the Beef Checkoff conducted extensive muscle profiling research to identify the most-tender whole muscle cuts from the Chuck primal, meeting demand for new high-quality beef cuts in foodservice at a variety of price points. Now, instead of just ground beef and pot roast, the Chuck offers more variety, more profitable options and more traffic–driving ways to extend the number one foodservice protein across your menu.

Click below for a look at cost-effective, easy ways to prep and serve these emerging beef cuts.

You’ll find helpful tips for discussing these cuts with your beef supplier, menu inspirations, triple-tested recipes and more, all to help you profit from the satisfying appeal of beef.

Not yet menuing these cuts? Talk to your supplier about how you can get them onto your menu, or contact us to help with this conversation.

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