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Chef's Notes Spring 2011

Culinary Beef Brief

Grilling Beef with Asian Flavors by Chef Andrew Hunter, Culinary Craft

Spring is here and with it comes a desire to eat lighter and healthier foods. With warmer weather and summer clothes on the horizon, your restaurant guests will naturally gravitate toward grilled beef, especially petite steaks, skewers, kabobs and salads.  

People around the world love to grill so take advantage of international flavors, especially Asian when you’re planning your spring and summer menus. And the best way to get a leg up on the backyard aficionados who pride themselves on their quality “cue” is by dazzling them with marinades and sauces. As chefs, we have the ability to create flavors our guests crave, but can’t quite put their fingers on. Beef combined with the smoky live fire of the grill with sweet and spicy flavors is a great equation. 
The following Asian recipes use a master marinade plus additional ingredients to create Japanese, Vietnamese or Chinese flavors. The method for preparing all the marinades is the same – simply combine master marinade ingredients in a plastic container and blend until frothy with an immersion blender, then add ingredients from the recipe of your choice below. Marinades generally have a shelf life of 5 to 7 days and can be scaled to any quantity you desire based on your restaurant’s volume.

Master Asian Marinade
10 ounces Naturally Brewed Lime Ponzu 
2 ounces Naturally Brewed Less Sodium Soy Sauce
2 ounces Mirin 
2 ounces Seasoned Rice Vinegar

8 ounces Brown Sugar
6 ounces Yellow Miso
2 ounces Sake
1 ½ ounces minced Fresh Ginger

3 ounces Brown Sugar
2 ounces minced Fresh Lemongrass
1 ounce minced Fresh Garlic
1 ounce Peanut Oil
½ ounce Toasted Sesame Oil
½ ounce Fish Sauce

6 ounces Honey
3 ounces Hoisin Sauce
2 ounces Plum Wine
2 ounces Peanut Oil
1½ ounces minced Fresh Garlic
1½ ounces minced Fresh Ginger
½ ounce Toasted Sesame Oil

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