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Beef's Profit Power

Research Shows How Beef Drives Profits and Builds Traffic

An online survey of 1,013 adult beef eaters was conducted January 24-30, 2012 to determine perceptions of beef at restaurants with an emphasis on beef consumed at full-service restaurants. Results show how beef attracts patrons, provides satisfying and memorable meals and that your customers prefer beef when dining out.

  • 89% of patrons have eaten a beef meal at a full service restaurant than a chicken meal (81%) in the past 12 months.
  • 69% of restaurant patrons picture beef as the centerpiece of a great meal vs. chicken and pork.
  • 69% of patrons claim beef vs. chicken and pork, makes their mouth water the most. 
  • 63% of patrons prefer a strip steak after a long week of work, vs. a chicken breast or pork chops.

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