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Beef Safety

The U.S. beef industry is committed to producing safe food. Food safety issues will continue to generate the need for change, both to respond to public concerns and to provide policy makers with scientific data as a basis for sound, reasoned judgments. As new and creative foods become more common, continuing efforts will need a strong foundation to assess the complexity of interactions of food components as they relate to food safety.

To this end, the industry and the scientific community realize that further improvements can be made through a collaborative effort based upon:

  • The use of science-based pathogen intervention strategies to enhance sanitary processes that include effective and microbiological verifiable Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  • The principles of prevention and risk reduction from farm to table that include effective monitoring and intervention strategies.
  • The understanding by each segment of the beef food chain of the food safety risks affected by production and the steps needed to ensure a safe beef experience.

The beef industry believes that the optimal system will have a food safety net extending from farm to consumer. To this end, the Beef Industry Food Safety Council was formed, made up of industry executives, beef producers, university and government scientists, industry association executives and experts that represent each segment in the beef food chain. This cooperative effort clearly displays a deep commitment to further action to enhance the safety of the Nation’s beef supply. For more information, see www.bifsco.org.

Preventing Illness

Understanding Bacteria

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