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Beef News Now

Beef News Now

Foodservice News + Trends + Hot Topics from the Beef Industry


Dec. 21, 2016   The beef cuts that will bring you opportunities in the new year  

Nov. 30, 2016   Watch this video: How beef gets from pasture to plate 

Nov. 11, 2016   The item that should be all over your menu

Oct. 11, 2016   Get to know the Beef Chuck Roll

Sept. 29, 2016  3 Ways to Menu the Chuck Tail Flap 

Sept. 13, 2016  How beef farmers and ranchers use technology to responsibly raise beeff

Aug. 17, 2016   Trending Cut: The Coulotte

July 28, 2016    How to convey quality on the menu to millennials

July 12, 2016
Consumers Seek Foods Based on Function

June 2, 2016   USDA Rule on Mechanically Tenderized Beef is Now in Effect

April 25, 2016  Steak Opportunities  

Feb. 12, 2016  What's Ahead for Beef?


Dec. 23, 2015   CattleFax 2016 Outlook: Now is the Time to Promote Beef 

Nov. 17, 2015   The American Academy of Pediatrics Report on Antibiotics 

Oct. 26, 2015    Science Doesn't Support International Agency Opinion on Red Meat and Cancer

Sept. 16, 2015  What You Might Not Know About Millennials 

Sept. 2, 2015    Unlocking the Profit Power of Beef

Aug. 25, 2015   Ground Beef Safety: What You Need to Know 

Aug. 21, 2015   Fast Facts on Beef's Sustainability 

July 28, 2015    Healthier Kids' Menus, Healthier Sales

July 14, 2015    Steak Sales Drive Bigger Checks and Traffic 

June 5, 2015     What You Need to Know About Antibiotics

May 26, 2015    USDA's Rule on Mechanically Tenderized Beef Labeling

May 14, 2015    More Beef is On The Way 

April 27, 2015   Beef Checkoff Comments on the Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee


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